As an Interaction designer I work on designs of apps, services, systems and strategies. I deeply believe in understanding through making, prototyping early and design centred around users and their benefits.

My past experience ranges from wayfinding and mapping projects like Interactive maps for Heathrow Airport, information and system design projects such as Bore-rig Drilling Reporting Platform and UX of Mr. Site's back-end admin dashboard to innovative educational web-app Tallis Habits for the students of Thomas Tallis School and more recently work for Strategic Design Lab at Method and currently product & service design projects at Normally.

I work on projects that either have positive impact for people, require information design, are complex and need distilling or need artful interpretations. I don’t do gimmicky and harmful projects.




I have a diverse background that allows me to tackle problems from multiple angles ranging from documentary photography to graphic design. I am a keen observer and you are very likely to find me with a camera in my hands when roaming the streets of London.




My design evolves around the user. I prototype (either with paper or with code) and test early, listen and acknowledge feedback, re-evaluate and refine the product to get to better results sooner.

My process very often follows the following phases: research, conceptualising and creating wireframes, prototypes, testing, iterations, refinements. Depending on the project I would go out in the field, play different roles, observe various stakeholders, do workshops, make mockups and sketches – analogue and interactive ones. I try them out with both the target users and the weird extreme cases to understand the problem better. I’m not afraid of going back to the drawing board or starting from scratch if my assumptions were wrong. I design through understanding letting making and prototyping influence the process.


Tools of The Trade


A set navy-blue notebooks, 35mm fixed lens camera, phone and the computer packed with all of my digital tools ranging from Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, etc.), HTML, CSS, JS, Unity3D, Ableton Live, Max MSP to iOS SDK and Processing.


I’ve always been very close to various schools and universities nationally and internationally running workshops, courses, and giving lectures (UX design, Creative coding, Web-design, etc…). Currently I teach short-courses at Chelsea College of Arts (University of Arts London). I also do private classes, so if you’re interested in having a lecture or a course for you and your company, get in touch.

In the past I’ve run courses ranging from Interactive media (building interactive audio-visual installations) at Designskolen Kolding (Denmark), Coding for kids with Max MSP (in collaboration with Alina Moat in Grenå, Denmark and Thomas Tallis school, London, UK), lectures on Creative coding at London College of Fashion and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UAL London) and given talks such as Woods For Trees, Visualising Sound Archives at Danish Radio and Television.