Interaction Designer, Creative Coder, Photographer


Working at the crossover between art and design I love distilling complexity of interfaces, apps and services into simple, beautiful solutions. I believe in understanding through making and design centred around the user. I observe the beauty of everyday andI listen to the stories of moments captured in time. I'm crazy about outdoors, long-distance running and cycling.

I love what I do.


This is my commercial work – UX, IxD and service design – helping brands and companies solve problems by adding value for the users of their products and services. More about my background, process, user-centred design and my past clients can be found here.

These are projects exploring the use of data to extract meaning and beauty. From data-visualisations, to playful interactive platforms for kids. From my own apps to chrome extensions, this is my coding skills meet with aesthetics.

My documentary photography work can be found here. From commissioned photo-stories to my own wonders and observations around the streets of our ever-changing cities and paths of the world.

Run, cycle and travel reports, pictures of dogs, app updates and all other thoughts.