A collection of three-dimensional objects procedurally generated with code. Created as a mac standalone Application with Unity3D this art piece explores geometrical beauty of repetitive rotations, transformations and layering of basic shapes such as lines, circles, outlined rectangles, etc.

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Study of aesthetics of repetitive form in an empty virtual space

The project came about shortly after finalising the DLib – Unity3D drawing library – parts of which I use on many other commissioned and personal projects. It presented itself as an opportunity for a delicate form exercise to be played with in the void of empty virtual space.

The applications presents you with a main menu, from which you can choose which of the 3D sculptures you’d like to explore. Each of the sculptures is composed of only one type of building blocks. One uses a filled circle rotated around its axis as the core shape. One an outlined circle scaled and distorted. Icons in the menu are indicative of these shapes.

To move move in space you use your mouse. Click and drag allows you to rotate around the scene. Scrolling will zoom in and out. The minimal user interface allows you to return to the main menu or save a screenshot of your current view to your desktop. As all the shapes are generated with code with randomness added each time they are created, this lets you capture a unique sculpture every-time you run the application. The Mac version of the application will be available for download soon.


Making of


The project was created entirely over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday of 2015-2016. Tools used were Unity3D and Adobe Illustrator (for the UI). Below are some screenshot of initial iterations.


Download Terms and Conditions

*Please note, that this gives you the right to download and use, but not distribute the app. Also note that Peter Koraca or Crow Interactive are not responsible for anything that happens to you, your computer or software and files installed on it whilst using (or as a result of using) the application.