Habitat Interactive invitation

A digital event invitation commissioned by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion for their Habitat workshop – A field-day exploring City Lives, Lost and Found, a fashion perspective.

The answer to the brief was a single-page website composed of a procedurally generated logo created in Processing allowing for its multiple dynamic permutations, bespoke map design (pin-pointing the location of the event) and a typographical play of highlighted characters spelling “I find sustainable habitat” throughout the invitation’s copy.


Procedural Logo Generator

Procedural logo generator tool made in Processing – also exports versions of the logo to PDFs for import into Illustrator.

Bespoke Map design

Bespoke map design was created with an brand-invitation matching colour-scheme for better information clarity and more coherent aesthetics.


Thoughtful details

Seemingly random text highlighting of characters throughout the invitation spell out: "i find sustainable habitat"