Noisebox hero shot

NoiseBox is an app that makes browsing through personal sound libraries (like the iTunes library) a more meaningful experience. It encourages serendipity and exploring, but provides you with simple and intuitive control over the process.

It visualises your musical library as a universe of songs, where you can zoom in or out to get an overview or see detail.
It organises the stars in familiar rows of artists in an intuitive and readable way for quick selections.
It allows you to colour the songs in your own personal way, which then, reflected in visualisation enables you to create your own way of seeing the song universe.
You can add multiple libraries such as your close friend’s, compare them with yours and follow the path to their playlists through the universe.
When turning the device in landscape orientation, you get rid of the text overlays and are encouraged to play and explore the library in a more serendipitous way.

NoiseBox takes you on a musical journey of surprise and delight in a simple and intuitive way.