Walks series in progress.

The Whippet


The whippet series in progress.


Symmetricals hero

A collection of three-dimensional objects procedurally generated with code. Created as a mac standalone Application with Unity3D this art piece explores geometrical beauty of repetitive rotations, transformations and layering of basic shapes such as lines, circles, outlined rectangles, etc. Now available for download. Get the Mac version, Linux Version or Windows version * The project came about shortly

Moment’s passed

Moment has passed

On-going photo story about our (mis)use of social media. From #mobile phone zombies to #smartphone dinner partieswe have replaced living our lives with recording our lives. The beautiful nuanced experiences of our moments have been exchanged for small, rectangular, quick to load, 2D visual representations in our favourite social app or site. Subtle, spontaneous conversations have

Traces of A Flock

Traces of a flock

This beautiful self-drawing painting was inspired by the flocks of small birds flying through the grey London skies leaving traces on the digital canvas of a screen. The screen-saver piece explores visualisation of two types of murmurations – birds during the day and evening (black on white) and bats in the night (white on black). The

Deutsche Telekom Customer Dashboard

Deutsche Telekom Customer Dashboard UX design including responsive, mobile optimised web-app specially designed for phones and tablets, Android home-screen/launcher and Android widget design. Composed of multiple Deutsche Telekom services from digital TV to news, weather, email and others.

Woods Of Whippets




UX design of Swissper’s iOS and Android applications for secure communication. From initial sketches and wireframes, to prototypes, iterations and finally design spec. The app was designed to feature a minimal, but inviting interface, with surprise and delight elements such as an animated intro, message deleting bubbles in the shape of a time bomb, friendly copy and



A digital event invitation commissioned by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion for their Habitat workshop – A field-day exploring City Lives, Lost and Found, a fashion perspective. The answer to the brief was a single-page website composed of a procedurally generated logo created in Processing allowing for its multiple dynamic permutations, bespoke map design (pin-pointing

Tallis Habits

Tallis Habits

This web-app was created to help children become better learners by visualising their learning habits as a flock, drum circles or a music box. Commissioned by Thomas Tallis School this innovative educational projectwas designed to support the development of effective and progressive learning habits by visualising them in a playful and engaging way. The resulting

Here Used To Be

Here Used To Be Hero

A photo story about the sun-tanned Cuba. Each year Ali and I go there to visit the parents and friends in Cuba. We walk down the streets and the beautiful textured walls of times that passed and stayed. She starts most of her sentences with “Here used to be…,” as we pass the empty swimming pool, the

You are not a storyteller

Apple killing off Aperture

  You what?!   Apparently Apple has decided to no longer develop Aperture – the pro Photo editing app. Instead they will make the Photos app so kick-ass that even the pro’s will want to use it. Seriously? It is time to really (or finally) start looking into Lightroom then.   There’s a good article

Monument Valley

  In the world of thousands and thousands of game titles and distractions I can count with one hand the number of the absolutely amazing, touching, beautiful and meaningful ones.   Monument Valley just got added to that list. A few of the others on my list are Machinarium, Portals and Fez.  

Thomas Tallis 2

  In the past few months I’ve started to work on the next version of the Tallis Habits app/installation full of beauty and soul for the kids of Thomas Tallis School.   I’ve created a blog for all of those who wish to follow the project’s process here: